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Our Rooms

Our independent cottage rooms are crafted in traditional village style but their thick mud walls hide an unexpectedly elegant interior. Thoughtfully designed to include every detail for comfort & aesthetic delight; no one escapes uncharmed.

Classic Cottages

Our rooms are spacious and well-appointed, designed in a way that precludes the need for energy heavy heating and cooling. High ceilings and thick mud walls keep them cool in the warmer months and warm at colder times. While outside temperatures may change by 10–15 degrees, inside the difference will only be one or two degrees throughout.

Mezzanine Cottages

The staircase leads to a child’s bed but also opens onto a small machan that connects with the neighbouring room, making them ideal for an extended family or friends travelling together. There is space to accommodate an extra bed on the ground floor and we can provide smaller three-sided cots for younger children.

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